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LX Partners (LXP) is a principal investor whose mission is to provide Partners exposure to opportunities arms lenghts at preferred terms.

Partners share investment values, bring to each others sectorial and/or geographical expertise, combine resources to perform due diligence and validate investments. Each investment theme is managed by a dedicated, full time, best in class team with interests fully aligned.


LXP invest in:

– Distressed Debt & NPLs
– Private Equity
– Thematic Real Estate
– Special Situations arising from a dislocation in the market.


Investment capacity. Deep knowledge of the local market, track record in originating and managing transactions, alignment of interest, flexibility and opportunisitic approach.


LX Partners’s companies have over 100 full time staff around various European offices with a strong background and track record in corporate finance, non-performing loan management, private equity and real estate.

With a flat organisation and decision process, the LX team is able to operate with flexibility, discretion and swiftly when taking investment decisions.

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