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The Cookie Policy governs data processing, including personal data of users (“User” or “Users”), collected in the context of accessing  LX Partners’s website.

As such, to know how to exercise any rights in terms of personal data protection, as well as to obtain further information about LX Partners`s data processing terms, the User should consult our Privacy Policy  available here.

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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device, through your browser, in order to make websites work, improve their efficiency, provide information to the website manager and/or operate user sessions. Cookies also allow to recognize Users and direct browsing experience pursuant to their interests and preferences, thus, overall enhancing it.



Use of Cookies

LX Partners uses cookies on its website – Session cookies and Comments cookies, to manage Users browsing. This can be carried out by LX Partners and by external entities, for statistical analysis purposes.

On its website, LX Partners uses Cookies for several purposes, namely:

    • Authentication: to recognize Users during their session;
    • Security: to support the security features implemented and detect malicious activity;
    • Preferences and service analysis: to know the language of the User’s session and to customize website browsing;
    • Usage statistics: to provide anonymous statistical data regarding website usage, such as, origin websites, pages browsed, number of visitors and software used by the client.



Cookies Control and Blocking

Cookies used by LX Partners are not invasive or harmful to its Users.

However, Users can accept, disable or remove cookies, by managing their browser settings, and always have the possibility of, at any time, changing their permissions. Users can define their cookies’ preferences using the “options” or “preferences” menu on their browser.

If the User chooses to disable cookies, LX Partners warns that this option may partially affect the use of some of our services, without the possibility of experiencing an improved or customized browsing on our website. To overcome this issue, Users may add our website address to the list of exceptions of your browser privacy settings.



Policy Updates and Changes

LX Partners may amend this Policy, in whole or part, in its sole discretion, and such changes will be effective immediately and dully disclosed to Users.